Advanced Broadband Internet and Voice Services

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If you’re in business for any amount of time, you learn one lesson pretty quickly; the customer is the most important person in any transaction. At Advanced Broadband, we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with 100 percent satisfaction. That is why we strive to make sure that our Internet and phone bundles are perfectly suited to our customers’ needs, and that they receive the technical and customer care support that they need when they have questions or when problems arise. Our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction is also the primary reason that we hold regular customer appreciation events as well as a year-long referral program. Our referral program is simple, fun, and rewarding. We will pay any existing customer who submits a referral for a potential customer, who eventually obtains services from Advanced Broadband, $50 will be awarded. And, in addition, each of those referred will receive $25 off of their installation fees.

To see if you qualify for our Services, please follow the Steps in this Web Site:

  1. Check our Coverage – To see if you are located in our main coverage area. If you are not, please call our Customer Service to see if coverage is possible.
  2. Review our Services – Read about the Services we offer for both Internet and Digital Telephone. In addition, you may be interested in our ideas for limiting your cell phone bill, setting up a virtual PBX system, or monitoring industrial equipment. Please call 306-703-1010 Extension 1.
  3. Pick a Plan – Look at our offerings for high-speed Internet only, or choose one of our bundled services. If you require more service than is offered, call us to see what we can do.
  4. Choose a Payment Option – We offer a number of ways to pay your bills.
  5. Sign Up – Once you have made your choices you can visit our web site and sign up, or call our Customer Service group to become a customer.

For further Information, please consult other web pages such as: