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Payment Options

ABSi provides you with the following convenient payment alternatives:

  1. Pre-authorized monthly payment plan from your credit card
  2. Pre-authorized monthly payment plan from your bank (PAP)
  3. Online - receive and pay your bill online
  4. By phone - contact an ABSi Customer Service Representative at 306-703-1010
  5. Cheque - in person at the Customer Service Centre

Terms of Payment

The services you subscribe to are pre-payable by the due date indicated on your bill. Pre-payment made after the statement date on your bill will be reflected on your next bill. Amounts owing after the due date are subject to a late payment interest charge, calculated at 1.5% per month, compounded monthly. An additional late payment fee will apply subject to the duration of the outstanding balance. Should it become necessary to disconnect a past due account, payment of the full outstanding balance plus a reconnection charge will be required before service is restored.


ABSi is operating in accordance with the Federal Privacy Law. Further details on ABSi's Privacy Policy are available at

  1.  Credit Card
Pre-authorized monthly payment may be made by Visa or MasterCard by completing "PAYMENT METHOD" part of the Customer Agreement. The credit card number, CVS, expiry date and the cardholder's name and signature are required in order for the ABSi to process the payment. We are unable to take credit card information for pre-authorized monthly payments over the phone. Download ABSi Customer Agreement here, print the agreement, filled it in and send the filled-in form by fax to 1-604-685-4002, by e-mail to and/or mail.

  2.  PAP
Advanced Broadband Services Inc offers customers a pre-authorized payment plan to pay (PAP) monthly fees. The automatic monthly payments are withdrawn from a bank account. The withdrawals occur within the first five business days of the month.
Customers may enroll in PAP by completing the "PAYMENT METHOD" part of the Customer Agreement. A void cheque should accompany the agreement.

  5.  Cheque
Payment may be made by cheque payable to the "Advanced Broadband Services Inc." and must be in Canadian Funds and drawn on a corresponding Canadian bank. Your account name should be recorded on the face of the cheque.
Cheques not honoured by the bank (NSF, stop payment, etc.) will result in a $50 charge. Failure to replace a returned cheque may result in the suspension of your service.

Customers who require more information should Contact Us.